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Grade Reporting: To comment or not to comment…that is the question!

Grades – A Measure or a Rank from It’s About Learning along with an impromptu tweetup with @occam98 have prompted me to question the value of the comments I have written to accompany my grades this semester.  For a little background, … Continue reading

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Assessment Goals Inspired by The College Board

Around here there has been some conversation about AP.  If you’d like to read some of the thoughts, check out the following blog posts.  How to get rid of AP…start by changing the conversation How to get rid of AP (part … Continue reading

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The self-discipline to watch, wait, and coach

On our 4th day of cookie baking, AS taught me a couple of really great lessons about learning with my students.  Once again, by popular request, we were making Reese’s peanut butter cup cookies.  We make peanut butter cookie dough, … Continue reading

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Could it be as simple as adding rather than subtracting?

I prefer to think of myself as their coach.  “I coach kids to learn algebra” says that I am dedicated to my kids.  “I teach 8th grade algebra” indicates that my dedication may be to the content.  Being their coach does … Continue reading

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What we see isn’t always what we’ve got…

Can we identify what do these two learners have in common? Academically, they are both new learners.  AS is new to reading while ES is new to abstract reasoning and variable representation.  AS’s reading hit a plateau in late October.  She began … Continue reading

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Hiding in Plain Sight or Walking the Path Together?

It just breaks my heart when I think about one of my classes.  Their behavior is awful.  I have been counseled over and over again – it’s not your fault Jill; it is the combination of personalities.  Well, it may … Continue reading

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Reflection, Attitude, and Efficacy

I’ve been rereading journal entries from August to reflect on the growth of children I coach to learn algebra.  The point of this particular journal entry was to help assess disposition.     Can we effect their growth in algebra AND their … Continue reading

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