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It’s About the Learning, not about the Technology…or is it?

Many of my tribe gathered and learned together this weekend.  (If you have not read The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything by Sir Ken Robinson, run don’t walk to your preferred book supplier to read a copy.)  The … Continue reading

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Helping Students Level Up

Formative assessment takes many forms. I generally put these forms into two categories: formal and informal.  Informal formative assessment happens all the time, planned and unplanned through questioning and observation.  As I float through the room and look at student work, … Continue reading

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Stopping Distances

… written in collaboration with Ruth Casey and Sam Gough. Distracted driving is any non-driving activity a person engages in that has the potential to distract him or her from the primary task of driving and increase the risk of … Continue reading

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Phases of the Moon…Middle School Connections with Trigonometry and Science

My learners struggle to read and interpret graphs for meaning.  It makes me wonder…How are we teaching them to read and interpret graphs? When our learners get to precalculus, are they adept at reading graphs for meaning so that they can … Continue reading

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Being Part of the Club…Being Labeled…

 Have you ever been excluded from something?  How did/does it make you feel?  Do you carry a label?  Was it of your own choosing, or were you labeled by others? I teach children, bright, smart, sometimes discouraged children about … Continue reading

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Students Request Common Formative Assessment

I remember making a note to self about coming to office hours that afternoon. After thinking for a few minutes about my question, I decided to ask here in class instead of waiting until office hours. Hearing the “oohhs!” of my … Continue reading

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Enrichment…Intervention…Benefits of the 4-Point Rubric

Our team has been immersed in creating formative assessments, assessments for learning.  We have been developing these assessments based on the work of Tom Guskey, Rick Stiggins, Jan Chappius, Doug Reeves, Bob Marzano and many more. We have tried to … Continue reading

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