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Revision, Redemption, and Grades?

I want a culture or climate of revision and redemption for my learners.  The first step is second chance testing.  My learners have the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and redeem points from their struggle to learn.  I am … Continue reading

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Learning as a Team – A Big PLC Bright Spot!

AS KU arrived for our meeting today, I asked her if she would show the video that she made as a result of a lesson in an earlier PLC meeting.  Last week KP showed everyone how to produce teacher-made videos … Continue reading

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Informing Assessment: Need to Check for Acquisition of Skills over Memorization

Integrated studies and a spiraling curriculum…Not only do we need to help our learners make connections between our discipline and other disciplines we need to help them make connections between topics in our own discipline, even when it is about … Continue reading

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Stopping Distance Reflection – Where did it take us?

We are studying quadratic functions.  We started with the Stopping Distances data to look at quadratic data visually.  Our hypothesis was that the distance required to stop while braking is proportional to the square of speed, d=k·v².  Many of our … Continue reading

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The Dot: “Just Make A Mark And See Where It Takes You”

Have you read The Dot by Peter Reynolds? Do you know any learner’s that are stuck?  Are they convinced that they can’t?  Read this book.  Listen to the messages.  The first strong message is about getting started.  “Just make a … Continue reading

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Connections: Questions, Photographs, Algebra Graphs, Perspective, Environment

Several of my tribe are participating in the 3six5 project (365 days, 365 points of view) which has caused us to wonder about this experience for education.  Here’s the invitation I received: Dear Ms. Gough, Tara, Sarah, and Whit: There are … Continue reading

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Swing Even If You Miss; Stepping Up To The Plate Is Not Enough

Is a swing and a miss better than no swing at all?  I used to coach my learners to step up to the plate, just step up.  You can do it.  But now I realize that just stepping up is … Continue reading

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