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TI-Nspire Day 2 – Round Robin

We ventured off track from “the plan” for day two.  There are nine National T3 instructors facilitating learning at our site.  We decided to have our teacher-learners change classes so that they could work with and learn from four additional … Continue reading

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Middle Grades TI-Nspire – Day One

Tuesday, July 19, was the first day of the TI-Nspire summer learning experience in Atlanta.  I am the lead-organizer and the instructor for the section with middle school teachers. The brief outline of our activities, work, and learning: Age Estimation … Continue reading

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Age Estimation – Day One Lesson & Community Building

We want to try something different this year for the first day of Algebra I.  (We are hoping that other’s will join us too!)  Our learners will arrive with their new MacBooks. We want to use them immediately.  We think … Continue reading

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CAS vs. Numeric: TI-Nspire Summer Learning

As many of you know, we are going 1:1 with MacBooks for our 6th-8th grade learners in the fall.  For the last seven years, we have required our 8th graders to purchase a handheld graphing device.  For the 2011-2012 school … Continue reading

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Handicap Ramps: Connecting Ideas and Experiences to PBL – apply what you learn

I don’t often have the question “When are we going to use this?” launched at me.  Sometimes I wonder why?  Why aren’t my learners asking this question?  I often ask myself “When are they ever going to use this really?” … Continue reading

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TI-Nspire Summer Learning Opportunities

This summer we are so excited to host approximately 170 math and science teachers from nine states for three days of TI-Nspire workshops.  We will use the TI-Nspire CX and/or TI-Nspire CAS CX as the learning tool to investigate topics in … Continue reading

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