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Never Underestimate A Motivated Learner ~ You Gotta Have Faith

Who has faith in you?  In whom do you demonstrate faith? On November 20, 2011, AS announced that she wanted to learn to knit. She is seven. I’m embarrassed to say that I thought: Is she really going to learn to … Continue reading

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Participating in Each Others Stories: Global Connections & Microlending

Our Learning for Life vision statement calls for us to seize the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century by promoting global citizenship by integrating content and relationships that connect us to the larger world and the world to us. But…How? If shown … Continue reading

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Integrated Studies: Gardening, Obesity, Open Source Learning

In Synergy we have six groups working on community issues: obesity, cafeteria design and cleanliness, Nancy Creek, designing a fair to raise awareness for Habitat for Humanity, sleep, and graffiti. How do we create a movement to raise awareness?  How … Continue reading

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FAAR – Connecting Peer Observations to Learning for Life

As part of our formative Faculty Assessment and Annual Review (FAAR) plan, we engage in a process of peer observations. We also have a new Learning for Life vision statement.  With his permission, I am publishing my peer observation of … Continue reading

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Guiding Learners to Develop and Practice Citizenship

Our children operate in a connected society  (Gough n.pag.) where they share pictures, ideas, music, etc. with a couple of keystrokes. We help our young learners prepare for college and for life when we guide them as they learn to navigate … Continue reading

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Stop, Collaborate, and Listen: inspiring non-graded formative assessment

On Monday, December 5, Jeff McCalla (St. Mary’s Episcopal School, Memphis, TN) and I co-facilitated a 2-hour session at Learning Forward.  The conference description said: Learn to model practical classroom formative assessments. Hear stories and gain artifacts from National T3 instructors as … Continue reading

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“This is so next level!” Video Team-Teaching in #Synergy

Twenty-four, eighth-grade synergists are working in six discreet groups – their projects originated from the data-mining of over 300 observation-journal blog posts that they collected. The projects are: Graffiti (is it art, vandalism, both? how can we use it for … Continue reading

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