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Synergy 8 – Self-assessment: learning from and with students

In a post from first semester, Empowering and Guiding Students to Take Charge of Assessment – Synergy 8 Example, Bo and I wrote and cross-posted information about a primary component of our assessment plan. The student learners take primary responsibility … Continue reading

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Synergy 8: the wish, the plan, the needs…

We are approaching the end of the time we will devote to our Alpha project so that our teams can move into their Beta project.  As is our practice, Bo and I are more directive with the choices during the … Continue reading

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In my Feb. 20, 2011 Being Part of the Club…Being Labeled… I wrote about having to label my learners by recommending their course of study for the next school year.  The following quote from Dr. Pajares continues to stick with … Continue reading

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A Picture is Worth 1000 Words…

Can we use a photo to inspire learning and interdisciplinary studies? What if we start with photographs from our campus? Can we collaboratively design a lesson or series of lessons around something on our campus to implement together? How can … Continue reading

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TI-Nspire CAS Calculus Labs – Making Calculus More Engaging

Sam and I have been working on improving our Work Smarter Not Harder calculus labs for TI-Nspire CAS.  While we are waiting on the next OS, v. 3.2, we were able to share some of our work at the T³ International Conference … Continue reading

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The Art of Questioning

“Questions are the way points on the path of wisdom.” ~ Grant Lichtman Work on becoming a falconer…lead your learners through the art of questioning. In his 2012 T³ International Conference keynote address, Dr. David Sousa challenged us to put the question … Continue reading

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What’s wrong with a slideument?…question from the backchannel

To offer additional support to our learners concerning persuasive presentations and slide deck development, we developed a mini-lesson on using videos from Garr Reynolds, Presentation Zen, and Nancy Duarte, Slide:ology.  Half of each team watched Presentation Zen: The Videoand the other half watched Duarte … Continue reading

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