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Visual: Encouraging mathematical flexibility #LL2LU

From Jo Boaler’s How to Learn Math: for Students: People see mathematics in very different ways. And they can be very creative in solving problems. It is important to keep math creativity alive. and When you learn math in school, if a teacher … Continue reading

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Encouraging and anticipating mathematical flexibility

From Jo Boaler’s How to Learn Math: for Students: …we know that what separates high achievers from low achievers is not that high achievers know more math, it is that they interact with numbers flexibly and low achievers don’t. I wonder how many times … Continue reading

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Summer Reading 2014 debrief: learner choice and voice (part 1)

We know student-learners need and deserve differentiated learning opportunities.  Don’t all learners?  How do we model learner choice? As a team of 150 learners charged with a responsibility of developing and maintaining a learning community for ourselves and the 650 children … Continue reading

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@HughHerr’s TED talk on new bionics celebrates humanity and shows need for mashup of STEM and Design Thinking

Hugh Herr: The new bionics that let us run, climb and dance is a must watch for all. How are we intentionally creating opportunities for learners to engage in human-centered problem-solving, integrating studies, and teaming with others?

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thinkering and applying – #MakerEd #LearnAndShare

On February 26, I participated in a workshop with Lindsey Own, Vinnie Vrotny, Jaymes Dec, and Andrew Carle on Maker Education.  It was AWESOME! (You can read a summary of the details of the workshop on Lindsey’s blog post, #MakerEd at #NAISac14!) I applaud their plan, pedagogy, … Continue reading

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Developing a Virtual Learning Community – #T3Learns session

How might we stay connected, offer additional ideas, and share experiences with others? What if we leverage social media tools? How might we continue to lead learning without stretching ourselves too thin? How might we continue to contribute to our learning community … Continue reading

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#EduCon #MartinConnects #LL2LU to 8 sites

How might we learn and grow together when we are far apart? What if we leverage the power of connectedness and social media to learn and share? Shelley Paul and I presented Leading Learners to Level Up at EduCon. Working in … Continue reading

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